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Govt.Champhai College, Champhai, Mizoram possesses the unique position of being the first and only with Four Streams - college in the State of Mizoram, NE India. It was established by an act of the State Assembly in1971 with the primary vision of providing better education. Since then, the defined goal of the college is to ensure quality education for empowering the native people - who are educationally backward in science education - by enhancing the status of science and technology. Since then, the college is now proudly marching towards its second decade of existence.

The College was accredited with Grade B++ by NAAC in 2016. Re-collecting and reflecting on our quality status during these past years, and endeavouring to live true to the motto, ‘For Better and Ever’ the College has now volunteered for a third accreditation cycle. In spite of the seemingly difficult situations and working conditions, we choose to persevere. All efforts within our capacity are taken into perspective to involve the stakeholders – students, faculty members, alumni, parents, and the Government to ensure quality sustenance and enhancement.

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